Steel Angle Dimension

Steel angle dimension vary depending on the leg dimensions and angle thickness. For example structural steel angle L3x3x1/4 is an angle with equal legs 3 inches long by ¼ inches thick. This page is about steel angles with equal legs.

If you are looking for angle prices and angle online supplier click here This link will prompt to select the angle size, the letters A & B represent the two legs, and C represents the thickness, all dimensions are inches, conversions to millimeters are available. Once the angle size is select a screen with pricing will appear.

Steel angles are used in building construction mainly as secondary framing members to support mechanical units such as fan or air condition units usually as intermediate members framing into the primary structural members in roof and floor framing.

Sometimes they can be found at edges of roofs often extended above the roof deck by about 2 inches to support the roof. These angles are also used at floor edges as enclosure for concrete pour at building edges or floor opening edges.

In concrete masonry block buildings, angles are often used as ledgers to transfer the load to the shear walls. Some of these ledgers are bolted with j bolts or red headed into the CMU with expansion bolts.

To view the list of angle size with equal legs:click here

Refer to angle iron sizes for section properties of unequal legs steel angles.

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