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Concrete estimator is responsible for calculating materials and labor for concrete projects. For construction projects in general calculating building materials list is the job of building materials estimator. The process by which quantities of concrete for a project are being calculated is called concrete takeoff.

One of the big challenges small contractors have is their ability to bid competitively and bid often. In most cases small subcontractors do not have a designated estimator. Often times the owner of small concrete contractor fulfill the responsibilities of superintendent, project manager, estimator, secretary, foreman, and laborer. This will lead to bids that are either too high, too low or incomplete.

If you are a concrete contractor that is in need of an estimator, we can help you with your bids so you can stay competitive and stay informed of future projects. With the internet we can reach general contractors online plan rooms and pull the takeoff providing you with what you need to bid.

If you are a concrete contractor with a plan room membership, we can do the take offs online for you. If need be we can help with your material pricing as well by contacting your supplier for quotes.

Our take off will provide you list of concrete quantities and mix design. If this information is needed to be sent to your suppliers for quotes, we will do so. We can also provide list of concrete reinforcements such as dowls, vertical reinforcements, and horizontal reinforcements quantities for both material quote and labor installation estimates.

List of quantities of anchor bolts, type of anchor bolts, types of embeds, type of blockouts on slabs and walls for labor calculations will also be part of the takeoff.

To see a sample of concrete takeoff that we can provide for you,click here

We can help write your proposals to include list of inclusions and list of exclusions so as to make sure your bids are evaluated to exactly how you wanted.

If you are a diyer or homeowner that need list of material for your concrete project, we can provide takeoffs for you and can help you with the process of soliciting bids and review them for completeness thereby helping you pick the most complete bid.

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