Building Material List

Creating building material list is the first step to come up with the real cost of a building project. The task of creating such list is often the responsibility of the building materials estimator through the process called material takeoff. To see sample of concrete takeoff list of material, click here or go here to see sample of our structural steel takeoff.

This list provides detail of construction materials often in spreadsheet format depending on the building material estimator skill and experience in calculating building materials needed to complete the project.

In any given building project framing covers over 20 percent of the total cost. With concrete work that comprised of footings, foundations, and floor slab on grade combined cost roughly 8 percent of the total budget is the next in line to the most expensive item. In addition to being the most expensive, framing is the longest to complete.

When one looks to save on construction projects, framing being the biggest item is a great place to start. Good saving begins with a good detailed takeoff that clearly provide the quantities of materials needed. By obtaining a material list where all suppliers will bid from will make material cost comparison a lot easier.

If you need help with your list of takeoff for your material pricing, we can help. We are very experienced in structural engineering, estimating, and construction. Not only we can provide you with accurate list of materials for quote, we will also give you value engineering ideas that can save you money.

For example if the plans calls for TJI floor joists, we can calculate if 2x8 or 2x10 beams can do the job for you which will save hundreds in material cost. Or if glulam beam is called out, we can provide you with ideas for using a steel beam that can be a lot less expensive.

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