Steel Plate Prices

Looking for steel plate prices? Online plate steel prices and stainless steel prices are hard to get and very expensive if you don’t have the minimum quantity that steel warehouses need in order to get discount prices. Even if you get the minimum quantity, loyalty discounts are only for steel fabricators, contractors or those that use and buy steel in a regular basis.

To get to one of the few steel prices online click here which will show A36 steel plates as well as gauge steel plates.

Most steel warehouses require minimum amount in order to get certain discount prices. For example if you want a quarter in plate six inches squared, the minimum purchase may be 48 inches square piece.

What this means the customer will have to buy the 48 inches squared piece before cutting out the small piece he needs. This will lead to high cost of steel plate if you are only trying to get small amount.

Due to the high volume of individual needs by homeowners or do it yourself types companies that are specialized in smaller steel quantities are thriving.

Another name for steel plate is flat bar to see flat bar prices online click here. Flat bars are thin in terms of width but long pieces of steel plates.

In most cases steel fabricators use flat bars everywhere applicable because they are less expensive. This is due to the fact that steel plates will require extra labor to cut and prepped to the required width and length.

A flat bar can be ordered to the specified width and then cut to the required length as needed. Flat bar designation, the first number represents the thickness, the second number represents the width. For example FB 1/2x3 is half inch thick 3 inches wide.

If you are looking for perforated plates click here to see prices. For round bar prices go here and square bar prices If you need stainless steel prices go here or aluminum steel prices click here

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