Sonotube Concrete Forms

Sonotube concrete forms, concrete tube forms, and concrete form tubes all refer to circular concrete column forms predesigned and premade intended to be placed over a footing to pour a concrete pier or concrete column. If placed over excavated ground or compacted fill the concrete form tube will become circular footing for deck, shed, or sign post.

Go to concrete formand shop for sonotube online. An alternative to sonotube is Fast-tube, also listed in the "concrete form" store.

Pouring footings, piers, or columns with concrete tube forms are the easiest, least expensive, and quickest. These premade forms come in different sizes and lengths diameters begin at 6 inches with 2 inches increment up to 60 inches diameter. The length varies up to 60 feet long.

The preparation for these formwork is quite simple. At first the rebar vertical and ties are installed prior to the sonotub lowered in place. Once the sonotube is centered at the reinforcements, braces are placed to hold the concrete form tube in place during the pour. Once the braces are in place, the form is ready to pour.

Since sonotube are made from cardboard, they can be cut and reattached if dropping the form the top is not an option. This is especially true if casting a concrete encasement at columns where the structure is already in place.

This can be done at parking garages or carport where concrete encasing of lower side of columns are common to provide added protections and strength at for column.

In this type of application, the concrete encasement is there to protect the side of column from side impact from vehicle. The vertical strength to carry the building is already taken by the column which is transferred directly to the footing.

For that reason the reinforcements are required to prevent the encasing concrete from flaking. For styrofoam concrete form click here

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