Structural Steel Estimating Services

Structural steel estimating is a process that can effectively be done online as on screen takeoff. Steel pipe estimating or steel construction estimating begins with an accurate steel takeoff in order to accurately list the building materials price. Once the takeoff is done, the material list is sent to steel warehouses or steel suppliers for quotes.

Since steel prices constantly fluctuate sometimes from month to month, steel suppliers always put a qualification that their quote is only good for a month or so.

Similarly steel fabricators when quoting to general contractors also limit their bid to match the suppliers. Due to the fact that steel is sold in pounds, a price increase of a few cents a pound can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition to steel price fluctuations, scrap factor also affects the cost of steel fabrications. For example suppose the structural plans require 8 inch diameter standard pipe for a column that is 14 feet long. The steel supplier sells the pipe in 30 feet length or 25 ft, this means the fabricator will have to add 11 to 16 feet to as scrap or waste.

It is not uncommon for hundreds of such types of wastes in a single project, which can add up quickly. For that reason accurate count or takeoff of structural steel are very critical in order to minimize losses. With years of experience estimating both structural steel and miscellaneous steel under our belt, we can help with your takeoffs. We can also help with putting together your material pricing and solicit subcontractor quotes such as detailing, paint, freight cost, etc. If you just need someone to verify your takeoffs, we can do that too and write your proposals with list of inclusions and exclusions.

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