Your Room Addition Blueprints

Room addition blueprints, house addition plans, and family room addition plans can all refer to the same thing home addition plans. Whether you want your room addition plan free by creating them yourself or pay someone to create your room addition floor plans they need to clearly show your intentions and how the new addition fit in with the existing house, utilities, etc. These needs to be to the satisfactions of city building officials in order to get your building permit prior to construction.

If you are searching online for house addition plans you must make sure that whatever plans you look at fits your particular needs. Unlike new house plans, detached garage plans and shed plans that can be purchased online and can almost fit in any plot, house additions are entirely different.

Room addition floor plans need to be created from scratch in order to fit a specific need otherwise you are wasting your time looking at premade plans that will not work. For instance, there are certain setback requirements or height requirements unique to certain part of cities all across the US, a premade house addition plans will not address these issues.

The only guarantee solution is to draw the plans yourself or hire someone to draw the plans for you. While contemplating about your house addition, your first step is to talk to your planning and zoning department, they are located at your city’s building division, in most cases they are at the same office as building permit. If you want to add a second or third floor you need to ask about height limitations. If your addition is to the front, sides, or back, you need to know how much you can add without violating the zoning in your area. You can this information by just a phone call or your city’s website.

The way your plans look on paper whether drawn by hand or fancy computer drafting is irrelevant to how your house addition look at the end. I have built home additions sketched by homeowners on 8 ½ x 11 papers approved by city. The final exterior look of your addition will be determined by the finish whether stucco, siding, brick, etc. If you decide to go fancy, it comes with a price but an expensive don’t necessarily equate to quality, it’s a matter of perspective.

If you need help with your addition plans email us at with some pictures and lot size and we will provide you with a quote. Within a week, you can get sketches that you can start gathering bids from subs

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