Room Addition Floor Plans

Room addition floor plans or family room addition plans can also be your home addition floor plans prepared for review by city building officials. If you take the time to learn and draw your own room addition plan free, it will not only save you money but it will help you visualize how your project is going to come together.

Drawing your own family room addition plans will help you learn to search out what your city building department needs in order to approve your construction plans. With the internet where information are at your finger tips, you can ask questions here or hundreds of other websites that will guide you thru your plan approval.

There are great examples of home addition plans along with elevation views, building sections, and site plans in this website that can be used as a guide. If you choose to go this route the city building officials are very lenient to home owners that want to do their own plans for home additions or remodels.

If you are a contractor, you can help prepare the plans for your customers and have them submit the plans to the city for approval. I have done this a lot of times. This not only helps the homeowner understand the construction process, they save money too. Rather than them paying me doing the running around to get the city's requirements, they do that portion of the work and pocket the saving.

Construction cost is a big factor in determining the size of the project and the time to start. Asking a contractor for a bid on something that is not drawn is almost impossible to come up with realistic numbers.

If you need any help with your plans, you can ask question here and we will do the best we can to help. If you need help with estimating or setup sub contractors to bid or do the work, we will be happy to help - just fill out the contact us page or the ask a question page and submit your question.

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