Replacement Window Pricing

There are several factors that affect the replacement window pricing. Among these factors include size or dimensions of the window, type of glass use, type of window frames, energy efficiency, type of hardware, manufacturer options, as well as geographical location of the home. Additional to these factors, window replacement price is also affected by the house frames such as decaying wood frames, frame warping, access to the windows, foundation settlement to the house, win load requirements etc.

Windows that can be bought from such store as Home Depot Windows are standard sized windows are less expensive. One might expect the larger the window, the more expensive it becomes thus the size or dimension factor that affect the window replacement cost i.e. 5 feet wide window cost more than 2 ft or 3 ft wide window.

For older homes, some of the windows may need to be custom made into different color or shapes. Requiring window manufacturers to special made windows will incur a lot of labor cost to redesign and reprogram the manufacturer’s standard procedures that can greatly increase the cost. On top of that sometimes special tools that may be required for handling and field installation will certainly increase cost.

Windows that are designed to withstand high wind load such as hurricanes or blast resistance will definitely cost a lot more than the windows for the normal homes that that can be found at such places as Home Depot replacement windows, Lowes or Sears.

Due to cost, maintenance, and durability vinyl has become the material of choice for window frames. Wood is also used for window frames but it cost a lot more. Another problem for Wood framed windows they require to be painted every so often to prevent decay, a problem vinyl windows don’t have. Steel and aluminum are also used for window frames but they both fail in energy efficiency.

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