Building Concrete Forms

The newly developed building concrete forms, the foam concrete forms system or concrete foam forms provide an advanced feature far superior to normal concrete forming of plywood, steel, and aluminum. This ICF foundation or insulated concrete form foundation is a green product that help preserve natural resources.

This new approach of concrete form due to its ability to store heat in winter and deflect heat in summer guarantee energy savings between 50% and 70%. For a diyer or homeowner this will be a welcome lifelong energy saving.

This added benefit on top of light weight, ease of installation, and speed of installation far outperform the normal simon concrete forms or plywood.

This technology had been around since the 1960s but the latest improvement makes it that much easier to use especially for diyers.

This approach will work in any application that you need whether basement slab and foundation or above grade pours. If you plan on monolithic poured slab and foundations, this is the only form that can be installed and backfilled prior to pouring cement. This will minimize the concrete waste factor which will add to the cost saving.

For a house addition footing, foundation, slab pour or free standing garage or shed with footing and foundations, this foam concrete forms will be a great way to save on labor, material, and insulation.

You can install ICF foundation forms once and eliminate the labor to remove the forms, eliminate the need to buy extra insulation and extra time to install them for your foundations.

This system is so simple to use that they can be layout, stack up the Styrofoam, straighten, plumb and you are ready to pour within a day.

One of the challenges with building concrete wall forms is preventing the hydrostatic pressure from bursting during the pour. This is the biggest nightmare that every concrete foundation contractor tries to avoid because it is time consuming to fix and very costly.

The styrofoam concrete forms were engineered and designed such that a foundation wall of up to 12 feet high can be poured without concern for blowout.

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