Raise Aluminum and Steel Awning

by Glo
(Rocks Springs)

I have an aluminum awning with steel 9 steel poles, 35'L x 35'W x 10'H. I need to Raise it by 2 more feet. Can it be done and how is it done?

Hi Glo, thanks for visiting
Without a photo to see what kind steel post and type of connection at the roof framing, it will be difficult to give you specific answer. Here are couple options:
1. Disassemble everything making sure to note where every piece goes to make reassembling the components easy. This can be accomplished by numbering each piece at the main connection points, i.e. top of post and taking photos.

Once the roof framing are down, you have two options to increase the height, one remove the posts and take them to a steel fabricator or weld shop and have them cut and add 2 ft piece that match the existing, weld them together, grind and paint. The thing to watch for is to make sure the posts are weldable. If the wall thickness are too thin for welding, this approach will not work. Before proceeding, drill a small hole in one of the posts and measure the wall thickness. Call the welder or steel fabricator and ask if they can extend the post given the thickness you have.

The cost of cutting, grinding, welding, repainting, etc must be considered because in some cases, buying new posts that are 2ft longer may be faster and cheaper.

The second option is to take down the posts, install two feet high concrete piers with new anchor bolts on top of the piers and than reinstall the posts.

The concrete piers can be quite easily done. If you have thickened edge slab or footing, drill and epoxy #4 vertical dowls about 5 inches embedment, install 3 horizontal ties: top, middle, bottom. Drop 12 diameter sonotube to enclose the reinforcements and pour. At the top of the piers and with precut bolt pattern temp plate, install the anchor bolts making sure they are spaced and oriented exactly the same as before.

Concrete piers will be my preferred option because they will minimize messing around with the steel posts.

2. This option will require a crane to lift the entire structure, hold it in place while the posts are extended either but cutting and welding new pieces or bring in longer posts. This approach will require more man power for a much shorter time but the structure will not be disassembled.

All of these options will work but cost of each option will vary widely.

Hope this helps

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