garage floor level vs concrete driveway


Should garage floor level with driveway?

Driveways connect the city street to one's home or property. Ideally the driveway should be sloped towards the city's street. In well developed cities in the US drainage systems were part of the city developments to catch and drain the water to proper channels to avoid floods and water damage to properties.

As far as the garage floor level, I personally prefer it to be sloped towards the driveway. Normally when I do the setup for the garage floor pour, I lower the top of slab at the garage entrance 2 or 3 inches compared to the top of slab at door entrance to the house.

Snow brought in to the garage by vehicles will melt or water being blown in to the garage due to high wind will remain in the garage if the top of slab is level. I had seen a lot of garages with standing water due to melting snow because the slab was level.

There are instances where properties are lower than the city's streets. If you are building at such properties make sure water drainage is part of the plan.

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