function of columns to foundation connection

by lisa


what is the function of the elements on connection of columns to foundation base/slabs?

Hi Lisa,

The main functions of columns are to support the vertical loads and provide lateral stability for the structure. In order for a column to provide these two extremely important functions it requires a connection to the foundation.

A column without reasonably strong connection to the foundation, can cause the structure to collapse due to the slightest movements or sway caused by wind, earthquake, vibrations due to equipment or occupants, etc.

Foundations are mostly made from concrete and the most common connections for columns to foundations are anchor bolts. Sometimes steel plates are embedded into the concrete foundations or slab which will later columns can be welded to.

Columns that only support vertical loads still need adequate connection to the slab, footing or foundation. These types of columns can be found at interior of buildings or houses. Columns that are part of the lateral support of the structure are found at exterior of buildings.

Such columns can be designed as moment frame connection or braced frame connection. These are very common at steel commercial structures or homes with lots of windows.

...hope this helps

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