Do footings installed on wet soil cause future foundation wall problems?

by George
(Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)


The excavation for the foundation for our Cornwall Ontario home was dug about a week ago and it has been raining off & on ever since. Though they try to pump the water out from time to time, some water still remains on the surface. The builder says they can put the footings in without the soil being dry since the cement, being heavier than water, will displace the surface water. Do I have any reason to be concerned that when the moisture in the soil under the footing eventually evaporates the footing and foundation wall will crack? Also, how do you know when it is safe to pour footings after a prolonged rainy period?
I need your help ASAP as they plan to pour today!

Hi George,
If you have an engineer that approved your plans for construction you need to call him for his advice. Knowing how engineers react to your situation I can almost guarantee he will want to call off the pour.

I have done a lot of footings in the rain but never on standing water. You need to make sure there is no standing water beneath your footing.

If you can walk on the areas where your footings will be placed and your feet don't sink in, you should be ok to pour otherwise call it off.

Good luck

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