disadvantage of monolithic concrete pour


what are the disadvantages of mono pour?

The biggest disadvantage of monolithic concrete pour is the amount of concrete waste that is going to be used. This concrete waste is a lot more if you are dealing with sandy soil because of the challenges of keeping the soil in place during preparation stage.

When you go the monolithic pour route it is very important to put things in perspective because if you are only thinking in terms of the amount of concrete saving, you're going to overlook the huge advantage in terms of the labor and materials that will take to maximize the concrete saving.

I am talking about the amount of time and material that will take to do the formwork for footings, foundations, and slabs which will be 3 different pours. For a small project of less than 5 yards that require a concrete pump, the cost saving you'll get if you do monolithic pour will be huge.

The other obvious disadvantage of monolithic pour is installing construction joint to breakout different pours. Installing bulkheads at compo footings and foundations will require a lot of time and material. This is only true if you are doing big pours, tens of thousand square feet at a time. If you are only doing 2 to 3 thousand square feet pours where you can knock out the structure in one pour, this issue will not be a problem.

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