concrete post footings


how does concrete post footing look?

Depending on the type of post, the footing can be anything you want it to be. If the post carries a very heavy load a footing similar to detail 18 will work best. If the post is subjected to very little vertical load but a lot of wind load, both details will work.

If the post is designed to be partially buried in the ground, a footing similar to detail 18 is a good option because it will allow a footing to be poured with anchor bolts, install the post and then built a concrete encasement around the portion of the post buried beneath the surface.


A lot of electrical posts use detail 15 where a circular pier about 2 to 3 ft diameter heavily reinforced with rebar with anchor bolts installed at the top for the electrical post. The concrete pier in this type of application protrudes above the concrete or asphalt surface about 3 to 4 ft to prevent vehicles from damaging the post. Next time you're at a parking lot, check out the type of footing post they use.

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