Can i beam cased in concrete form?


Can i beam cased in concrete form?

The short answer is yes but you have to make sure there are at least 4 inch thick concrete on all sides of the i beam embedded. Weld studs or DBAs, also known as weldable rebars are welded to all side of the i beam that are going to embedded in concrete. These will help the steel and concrete bond together making the beam stronger and also prevent flaking.

If only one side of the steel i beam is embedded in concrete only install the Nelson studs/DBAs on that side, spaced no more than 24 inches on center. Make sure these are perpendicular to the surfaces which they are welded to. For top flange needs to upward, bottom flange downward. For webs sideways(horizontally) both sides of web if the entire beam is embedded.

The design of the i beam needs to include the weight of the concrete meaning that the i beam has to be strong enough to carry the weight of the concrete in addition to the live loads and dead load from the floor.

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