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how do i calculate the cost of cement patio?

When planning for a cement patio, here are the things that will affect the cost:

1. Cost of concrete - the biggest item in the cost of cement patio is the cost of concrete itself. Ready-mix concrete are sold in the US in yardage, the first step is to calculate how much concrete required to pour your cement patio. If you have a 12ft x 12ft cement patio, calculate the area first then multiply by the thickness in feet will get cubic feet. Divide the answer by 27 will give you the answer in cubic yard of concrete.
12x12x4/12 = 48 cubic feet, divide by 27 equal 1.8 cubic yards.

Most concrete companies require minimum load for their cement truck to come out, the most I have seen is 3 cubic yard minimum. This means if you need 1.8 yard, you will have to pay for 3 yards for the truck to come out. It is a good idea if you have a small pour, you might as well increase the size of your concrete patio to at least match the small load minimum.

Some companies not only they apply the small load they will also add additional charge for small load freight an additional cost of $50 or so. You have to order 5 yards or more to escape the small load charges.

2. Access - the location of your concrete patio may be a big factor that can affect the cost especially if at your back yard where the cement truck can't get there. Should be the case, extra cost may incurred for concrete pump.

For a small pour, pea-gravel pump will cost less than $70 but boom truck may run $200 to $300. Of course wheelbarrow can be an option requiring more time for labor.

3. Preparation - if there are lots of excess material such as old concrete, asphalt, trash, rocks, gravels, or landscape material to be hauled away - these will add extra cost to your cement patio. The best thing to do is do these preparations yourself.

4. Weather- concrete work during rain or cold weather quadruple the labor efforts to finish. It is not uncommon during winter months to pour concrete at 8 in the morning and not get out till 10 hours later. Even when you are done, you still need blankets to cover the concrete for several days for the cement to cure.

To calculate cost of cement patio, the four factors mentioned above must be considered.

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