attach wood beam to concrete pier


How do I attach wooden members to poured concrete piers?

It depends on the function of the wood member. If the wood member is a post or column, the least expensive is to use Simpson Strong Tie column base. Click on Simpson Strong Tieto see some post base products that can be used.

You can always makeup your own base that will fit your needs by welding steel plates and attaching DBA (deformed bar anchors) at the bottom of steel plates to be embedded into concrete. DBAs or Nelson studs will work the same as anchors to be embedded into the concrete.

Anchor bolts or J bolts can also be used to anchor a piece of wood horizontally or steel plate. On top of the piece of wood or steel plate the column/post base can be attached.

If the wood member is a beam or girder one way is to install a steel plate embedded in the concrete. From the side or top of the steel plate a shear tab or Simpson Strong tie clip can be attached to pick up the beam or girder.

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